New: Tome 3 L’Être fragrance by Zadig & Voltaire

The opulent scent of Being Volume 3
New: Tome 3 L'Être fragrance by Zadig & Voltaire
New: Tome 3 L’Être fragrance by Zadig & Voltaire

L’Être Tome 3 by Zadig & Voltaire, all the ambiguity of adulthood in a perfume

For the start of the 2017 school year, Zadig & Voltaire has just announced great news: the release of three new fragrances! After having created the event thanks to the duo of fragrances Just Rock, Zadig & Voltaire has this time chosen to highlight androgynous fragrances, that is to say, aimed at both men and women. Presented in boxes resembling books, they are available in three different volumes: Tome 1 La Purity .

If Volume 2 La L’Esprit Libre invites us more into the world of adolescence, Volume 3 L’être, on the other hand, is fully part of the adult universe. So let’s see how Zadig & Voltaire perceives the most charismatic scent of its customers …

Zadig & Voltaire reconnects with the world of reading

Zadig & Voltaire was born in 1990 thanks to Thierry Gillier. First, it was a multi-brand store called simply Zadig. It was only later, when the brand’s first clothing collection was launched in 1996, that the brand became Zadig & Voltaire. However, the choice of this name was not made at random. In fact, before being a businessman, Thierry Gillier is a real fan of reading. He also confides that Voltaire is one of his favorite writers and that he particularly likes his work “Zadig ou la destin”. Today, he has decided to give a new nod to his passion for writing.

Thus, Being Tome 3 is delivered to us in a packaging whose look strangely resembles that of a book. Moreover, Being Tome 3 opens in the same way as a literary work and reveals three definitions on its left page. These are actually the three ingredients that make up the majority of his recipe. Its right-hand page contains the precious Zadig & Voltaire bottle. Entirely lacquered in white, the usual color for pages in a book, it simply contains a label on its front face. This reveals the name of this perfume to us like a dictionary insert.

Being Tome 3, a perfume in which the rose is enveloped in wood

From then on, all that remains is to discover the three major ingredients of this perfume, as mentioned on the cover page of this cardboard box. The being Tome 3 opens first with a scent of rose. Although it is a mixed perfume, it therefore initially relies on a floral scent.

Damascus rose is one of the most used plants in perfumery. It is a symbol of love and nobility. What is more, its petals release a particularly rich breath, both honeyed and fruity. A sunny and gourmet sensation envelops this fragrance which quickly evolves towards a more woody heart. Cashmere brings softness to its composition. Immediately, Being Tome 3 becomes warmer and as tender as a caress. It is a comforting scent, with a somewhat musky, spicy and vanilla scent. Finally, it ends with a more resinous trail of labdanum, a smoky and somewhat animal wood.

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