New Stronger with You Intensely fragrance from Armani

The new intensity of the Stronger with You fragrance
New Stronger with You Intensely fragrance from Armani
New Stronger with You Intensely fragrance from Armani

Stronger With You Intensely, Emporio Armani’s new impetus in love

Since last summer, you have not been able to escape it, the advertising for Stronger With You and Because It’s You fragrances by Emporio Armani has been looping on our small screens. The latter offers us a romance between Matilda Lutz and James Jagger and literally floods television with passion. Serene, the two lovers love each other and radiate love in the early morning hours, under the contemplative gaze of potential clients of the Armani house. Today, as if to offer a sequel to this perfumed duo, Giorgio Armani has just announced the release of Stronger With You Intensely and In Love With You, two new fragrances to come on the horizon for the month of January 2019. So let’s see take a closer look at its male version.

Stronger With You Intensely, the apology of a fiery and passionate love

Stronger With You Intensely is part of the Emporio Armani collection and is thus intended for young people eager for elegance and refinement. Giorgio Armani once explained: “From the first moment, Emporio was my testing ground. It was by observing life in its reality that I understood which direction to take. The collection has a youthful feel, but it’s not just for 20-year-olds but rather for those who with a certain elegance feel young at any age. Here, it is a question of a budding and passionate love. Stronger With You Intensely is an “olfactory embodiment of the authentic love of modern times”. With it, the hearts of those who wear this perfume beats in unison with that of the loved one. Time seems to stop with each contact. Stronger With You Intensely is akin to a romantic yet fresh and insanely exciting relationship. With him, the adrenaline goes up a notch and the enthusiasm is there!

Stronger With You Intensely, a new amber juice with an oriental and woody scent

The belonging of the new Stronger With You Intensely to the great Emporio Armani family is obvious from the sight of its bottle. Indeed, this new perfume takes precisely the visual of its predecessor. Only the color of its fragrance changes slightly and is more amber than before. Stronger With You Intensely’s imposing figure is both manly and sensual. It is a cube with rounded contours, the curves of which are reminiscent of those of the shoulders of a stable man and proudly anchored on his supports. Stronger With You Intensely clearly plays on oppositions, brilliantly combining a transparent base and an opaque cap.

Therefore, it invites us to uncork it to discover the scent. Stronger With You Intensely by Emporio Armani plays on olfactory contrasts and associates incisive notes with other more floral scents or even with infinitely greedy scents. Stronger With You Intensely sets off on an explosive yet elegant trio of violet, juniper and pink pepper. His heart, meanwhile, relies on one of the most famous ingredients in men’s perfumery: lavender. This Mediterranean plant is here associated with sage, cinnamon and salted butter caramel. This note of delicacy is finally relayed by an equally tasty base of vanilla and tonka bean. Finally, Stronger With You Intensely reveals all its animality in a duo of amber and suede.

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