New Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose

Bloom of Rose, the last Mon Guerlain
New Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose
New Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose

Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose, when Guerlain invites us to see life in pink

As if to thank Guerlain’s exceptional history, the brand decided to make a perfume bearing its name: Mon Guerlain , in 2017. Immediately, it was propelled to the front of the stage and its success has already earned it two different olfactory interpretations. In 2018, Mon Guerlain became in turn an Eau de Parfum Florale and then an Eau de Toilette . Even today, the story continues. The news has just fallen and Mon Guerlain will see a new variant of its scent appear by March 2019. This time, Guerlain invites you to see life on the bright side, thanks to its new fragrance Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose.

Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose, an emotionally charged fragrance

My Guerlain Bloom of Rose is for women of yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is the incarnation of the history of perfumery and sends a sort of thank you to the brand’s customers. He seems to have in him all the emotion of perfumery. My Guerlain Bloom of Rose is sincere and authentic. It is like a caress on the skin, and expresses the quintessence of a rich history of experiences. Coming from an extraordinary know-how, he deploys his optimism on the world and offers a breath of fantasy to all those who cross his path.

Angélina Jolie, another Guerlain muse

Bloom of Rose, the new Mon Guerlain
Bloom of Rose, the new Mon Guerlain

For the occasion, Guerlain once again called on the talented actress Angélina Jolie to embody the image of its perfume . The latter has been lending her face to this scented collection since its launch and this time appears in brand new photos, more lively and playful than ever. The image is clear: Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose breathes a breath of optimism. It inspires women to live their lives to the fullest and to enjoy every moment. Angelina Jolie thus appears in a tulle dress, playing with her hair and revealing her mischievous gaze to the world. Another cliché fascinates us with her azure blue eyes and her lips tinted with an explosive pink, like the one on the new bottle of Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose.

When lavender is accompanied by Bulgarian rose

But what scent can make the actress flourish there? Of course, Carla lavender, trademark of the Mon Guerlain perfume, is still present. It appears from its top notes and is accompanied by the freshness of citrus fruits. Nevertheless, the star of Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose is none other than the Bulgarian rose. Absolute of femininity, it is illuminated with jasmine and neroli. Tahitian vanilla gives it a more solar and exotic part. Finally, Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose ends with a creamy sandalwood base.

My Guerlain Bloom of Rose is always buried in Guerlain’s famous four-lobed bottle, designed in 1908. On the other hand, the latter’s neck is now decorated with a more extravagant fuchsia pink.

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