New fragrance Collector Classic Snow Globe Jean Paul Gaultier

New fragrance Collector Classic Snow Globe Jean Paul Gaultier
New fragrance Collector Classic Snow Globe Jean Paul Gaultier
New fragrance Collector Classic Snow Globe Jean Paul Gaultier

Classic Jean Paul Gaultier Boule à Neige, the winter version of the perfume

Jean Paul Gaultier is an illustrious creator who never ceases to multiply the olfactory outings. However, since its acquisition by the Spanish company Puig in January 2016, Jean Paul Gaultier has decided to refocus on its two main fragrances, namely Le Mâle and Le Classique. Galanterie obliges, let’s start by telling you about its feminine fragrance. Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classic keeps reinventing itself and this time comes back in a more wintery version than ever. It is called the Classique perfume Boule à Neige and is housed in an elegant snow globe.

The tradition of snow globes by Jean Paul Gaultier

For its new fragrance, the house of Jean Paul Gaultier was inspired by the tradition of snow globes. Thus, by using this traditional object of the end of year celebrations, Jean Paul Gaultier takes us back to our childhood memories. Who hasn’t played with a snow globe, shaking it and watching the bottles fall inside? In fact, the snow globe was created in 1900, thanks to Erwin Perzy, a repairman of medical instruments, who decided to improve the lighting in the operating rooms by using a glass ball filled with water and semolina whose objective was to increase clarity. It didn’t work but the snowball was born. Today, his family alone continues to sell around 200,000 pieces around the world, the most prestigious of which were even designed for Bill Clinton or, more recently,

The cult smell of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classic

If the design of the Classique was considerably modified for Le Classique Boule à Neige, its fragrance, on the other hand, remained exactly the same as that of the initial perfume. Thus, it is a perfume that harmoniously combines tradition and modernity. The Classic Snowball begins with a blend of citrus fruits. It combines the freshness of mandarin with that of orange. Anise and ginger help shake it up. A huge bouquet of white flowers takes over. Orange blossom, rose, ylang-ylang and plum bring all the elegance of this fragrance. Finally, Le Classique Boule à Neige ends with a base of musk and iris, two ingredients reminiscent of the rice powder of yesteryear. Amber, on the other hand, adds a little retro touch to this fragrance.

The new design of the Classic Snow Globe

However, if the smell of the Classic has remained unchanged, its design is enough to make it particularly fascinating. The famous female bust of Jean Paul Gaultier is this time contained in a bottle similar to a snow globe. It rests on an elegant red plinth matching the color of its corset. This color was not chosen at random and immediately recalls the Christmas atmosphere. All you have to do is shake the Classic Snowball bottle to see a multitude of flakes rise in the air. They twirl and land gently on this female body. The effect is most festive and magical.

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