Narciso, feminine sensuality at its peak

The perfumed creation Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez
Narciso, feminine sensuality at its peak
Narciso, feminine sensuality at its peak

Narciso Rodriguez was founded in 1997 by the American-Cuban designer of the same name, then a graduate of the famous “Parson’s School of Design” in New York. In 1996, he designed the wedding dress for the future Mrs. Kennedy, Carolyn Bessette, at the same time taking center stage. When her friend tragically dies with her husband, Narciso Rodriguez decides to pay tribute to her by dedicating her first perfume “For Her” to her. Faced with this success, the brand unveiled in 2014, “Narciso”, a fragrance full of sensuality.

Narciso, the universal mystery of seduction

With the fragrance “Narciso” , Narciso Rodriguez wanted to pay homage to the universal mystery of seduction. Narciso Rodriguez then affirms “I wanted to compose a sexy, frenzied fragrance, which no man would resist” … If the brand has chosen to give the name of the perfume, the first name of the creator, it is not only by navel-gazing.

Indeed, “Narciso” echoes Greek mythology. The myth of Narcissus tells us here, the story of an inexplicable attraction since Narcise possessed an incredible beauty which gave rise to the desire of many young girls… “Narciso” is an invitation to romanticism and purity. The thick square design bottle is dressed in white, reminiscent of the sweetness and delicacy of a narcissus. “Narciso” nevertheless hides a puretemysterious and intense fragility and offers us the duality of a raw character and a refined elegance.

Narciso, between white flowers and seduction

“Narciso” is defined as a sensual and woody fragrance , built around a heart of musk. “Narciso” opens with a magnificent floral accord made up in particular of gardenia and Bulgarian rose.

The heart of “Narciso” is ultra sensual and woody, with the presence of musks, at the same time shaking up the codes of perfumery. Indeed, musk is a rather masculine ingredient, which is moreover, mainly in base note. Here we measure the full force of the composition.

The trail leaves an ultra sensual and musky trail, as it combines vetiver, red cedar wood, and white cedar from Virginia. The olfactory composition is based on an ambivalence between power and fragility. It is the top model Raquel Zimmermann who embodies the woman “Narciso”. About her, Narciso Rodriguez affirms “Raquel is exceptionally beautiful, she embodies elegant seduction…”. The sleek bottle is ultra luxurious. You should know that he was inspired by a pebble found by the designer on the beach in Cyprus, where Aphrodite was born… A true ode to femininity.

Feminine, but more than anything, ultra sensual, the “Narciso” fragrance is an essence of seduction. Narciso Rodriguez wanted a perfume full of elegance, with an extraordinary composition. The rendering is exceptional and confirms the immense talent of the American-Cuban designer.

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