N ° 19 the scented testament of Coco Chanel

N ° 19 or the reflection of an extraordinary personality
N ° 19 the scented testament of Coco Chanel
N ° 19 the scented testament of Coco Chanel

How to create a perfume as legendary as the cult N ° 5 of Chanel? Since 1921 he has reigned supreme over Chanel perfumes. Yet its creator, Gabrielle Chanel, wishes to create a new legendary perfume that will capture the air of freedom of the 70s while being totally different from N ° 5. This is how Henri Robert gave birth in 1970 to the beautiful poudré N ° 19 with the lively momentum and green accords of the beautiful iris.

N ° 19 or the perfumed audacity of the 70s from the house of Chanel

The beauty of Chanel N ° 5 has made it a legendary perfume, a perfume which now eclipses all the others, even some other fragrances from the same house! Yet almost fifty years after having proposed N ° 5, Coco Chanel had in mind to create a successor worthy of the same acclaim. She clashed with those around her who thought that this new perfume could only “kill” the glory of N ° 5. Mademoiselle Coco, convinced of the contrary, did not abandon the project and had her new in-house perfumer, Henri Robert, create a No. 19, far from No. 5.

The project of N ° 19 being totally personal to him, Coco Chanel baptized it thus by linking it to his birthday , August 19. And this beautiful N ° 19 not only has one number in common with the great designer, it exudes her lively and joyful personality through her fiery impulses. A few months later, Mademoiselle Chanel dies but will nevertheless leave one last time with N ° 19 the scented imprint of what she has always been: a ray of sunshine …

“To be irreplaceable, you have to be different…: N ° 19 is the last stroke of brilliance for this extraordinary, daring and sunny feminine personality. »Chanel for N ° 19.

From then on the original N ° 19 will be presented as “a perfume full of momentum”, very representative of the women of the 70s as spontaneous and light as the beautiful Coco could have been.

N ° 19 or a plant kingdom crowned with iris Pallida

Although intentionally very different from its prestigious predecessor N ° 5, N ° 19 will be presented in the same sober and elegant bottle. However, its white label highlights the bright green of its juice to attract our attention.

N ° 19 opens with the green and daring marriage of bergamot and galbanum from Iran. This green freshness will quickly be punctuated by the luminosity of a neroli and the floral delicacy of the hyacinth note. At the heart, the flowers of jasmine, rose and lily of the valley will be tinged with its powdery majesty the Pallida iris which will give this green wind a luxurious and original softness. Finally, vetiver and Virginia cedar create a powerful and sensual trail in this N ° 19 which will not hesitate to curl up in a few white musks to better envelop us in sweetness.

“A daring fragrance with a strong character. The green and dazzling notes of galbanum blend with the powdery notes of iris to find the perfect balance. The latest fragrance launched and worn by Gabrielle Chanel . An uncompromising composition, just like the designer. »Chanel for N ° 19.

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