Montblanc Signature, the Montblanc feather at the service of perfumery

Montblanc Signature, the Montblanc feather at the service of perfumery
Montblanc Signature, the Montblanc feather at the service of perfumery
Montblanc Signature, the Montblanc feather at the service of perfumery

Montblanc Signature, from writing to perfumery, there is only one step …

Synonymous with high quality in the world of writing, the Montblanc house has gradually diversified its activities, to offer today to men and women a whole world of luxury. Among the most famous items offered by the brand, perfumes now occupy a prominent place. However, in this area, the year 2020 intends to make the brand talk… Montblanc is currently unveiling its brand new fragrance, called Montblanc Signature. Presented in an inkwell-shaped bottle, it is materialized by a luminous, floral and musky scent. Undeniably, Montblanc Signature is a juice which does not go unnoticed and which only reinforces the unforgettable image of the woman who wears it.

Montblanc Signature, a fragrance presented in a small inkwell

The history of Montblanc began in 1906, with the creation of a fountain pen with an integrated inkwell. Introduced on the market after three years of research, this writing instrument revolutionized its field and immediately propelled the Montblanc house to the forefront. To recall its origins and its rich past linked to writing, Montblanc naturally chose to present its new fragrance to us in an inkwell-shaped bottle. Cubic in shape, this opalescent container incorporates a white lacquer in its center. Its different faces are carved with multiple reliefs, like a jewel. Finally, a few golden elements appear here and there on its visual. For the record, each of them comes from the design of the Meisterstück, one of the most emblematic Montblanc pens. The six-pointed star of Montblanc, for its part, is also present at its summit. Presented in three different sizes, this bottle owes its existence to designer Mark Eisen.

Montblanc Signature, an opulent and sensual fragrance

On the scent side, Montblanc Signature was developed by two perfumers: Guillaume Flavigny and Natalie Gracia Cetto. Here, it is a question of playing with all the contrasts of vanilla, to offer women an opulent and sensual fragrance. “With appeal and elegance, I wanted to infuse more light, more breath and transparency” in Montblanc perfumery, explains Natalie Gracia Cetto. Here, it all starts with a fresh scent of clementine, quickly relayed by a very floral heart. Magnolia, peony and ylang-ylang form a generous and poetic bouquet, finally lit by white musk. Little by little, this essence heats up. Benzoin resin and vanilla make it a warm and sulphurous fragrance.

An author as the face of the Montblanc Signature perfume

Finally, to display perfect consistency between its history and the design of its bottle, Montblanc has chosen to use a successful height as a muse. Here, Diane Ducret lends her image to this fragrance, at the same time as the release of her book “La Dictatrice”. Talented and present on all fronts at the same time, Diane Ducret perfectly embodies the image of the femininity desired by Montblanc, that of a woman author of her own story.

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