Lalique – The Perfume

Lalique – The Perfume
Lalique - The Perfume
Lalique – The Perfume

Lalique The perfume or the mythical woman of Lalique

The Lalique perfume house is ultimately very young in view of the formidable heritage left by René Lalique and then by Marc Lalique. Indeed, the two men were able to mark the 20th century by offering masterpieces of glass and crystal with remarkable presence and timeless charm.

It is precisely with the same goals that the creator’s granddaughter, Marie-Claude Lalique, wished to offer Lalique perfumes. As early as 1992, we thus discovered the very first Lalique perfume composition offered in a bottle, which goes without saying. From then on, Lalique perfumes would meet the same success as the bottles produced in the past. They each offer vibrant tributes to the historic works of the house while shining with absolute modernities made through the use of high quality raw materials. It’s not Lalique who wants!

Lalique Le Parfum released in 2015 will be like the quintessence of the Lalique perfume house. Its beautiful bottle exudes one of René Lalique’s most masterful pieces, as for its composition created by Dominique Ropion , it exudes a femininity of timeless elegance and charms. As if Lalique Le Parfum wanted to compete with the works of glass from the big house.

As far as communication around Lalique Le Parfum is concerned, it is, so to speak, the opposite of all the great perfumers of the time. Only one visual highlights the magnificent Lalique Le Parfum bottle. Why make a muse, an aesthetic or a universe shine when the bottle itself is already a work of art?

“Elegant, rich and sensual, Lalique Le Parfum is a timeless and luxurious classic taking up the strong themes of Maison Lalique. »Lalique Le Parfum by Lalique.

An oriental velvet designed by Dominique Ropion: Lalique Le Parfum

As we have already noticed, the Lalique Le Parfum bottle is beautiful. Of course, the house has already practiced the art of perfume bottles extensively in recent decades, however for this pretty glass it will not hesitate to offer the modernity of a luminous cube mixed with the beauty of a work by René Lalique from 1935. As a result, the Lalique Le Parfum bottle combines transparency and innovative geometric lines with the beauty of a retro glass sculpture for an absolutely superb rendering.

Lalique - The Perfume
Lalique – The Perfume

Lalique Le Parfum opens with a blend of fresh citrus and beautiful aromatics thanks to notes of bergamot and bay leaf. A touch of pink berries will add spice to this dazzling flight. At the heart, jasmine and heliotrope flowers are exceptionally beautiful, revealing the flowery and timeless femininity of a Lalique woman. Finally sandalwood and patchouli bring their woody sensualities where vanilla and tonka bean become velvet delicacies.
“LALIQUE LE PARFUM is an unforgettable and enveloping trail for an initiated, assertive and sophisticated woman. »Lalique about Lalique Le Parfum.

“A great timeless classic”: a pillar of the brand. Design: clean, modern but inspired by a model created by René Lalique in 1935. Positioning itself with a very high-end product within the perfume-jeweler brands. A product of great luxury.

Perfume – The Perfume of Lalique:

A perfume worked with precision using the most noble raw materials. A qualitative note, signed and very luxurious.

Lalique - The Perfume - Pub
Lalique – The Perfume – Pub

The allure of soaring. Dazzling, original and racy. The rare elegance of laurel and bergamot, cheerfully refreshed by pink berry, lily of the valley and Egyptian violet leaf, deliciously bursting and biting. The seduction of a heart. Seductive, carnal and endearing. An armful of jasmine with velvety petals, softened by heliotrope with tender almond accents and disoriented by a pinch of transporting cumin. The fascination of an unforgettable, soft and enveloping trail. An ardent patchouli, coated with vanilla, tonka bean, musks and creamy sandalwood with hypnotizing powers. Orchestrated by Dominique Ropion (IFF).

Eau de Parfum – Lalique Le Parfum:

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Un luxueux cube très lourd en verre, surmonté d’un bouchon orné d’un cabochon carré alliant noir et incolore, et gravé en son sommet du fameux motif.

Un élégant cordon de passementerie rouge entoure le col du flacon.
Le Flacon EDP est habillé d’un coffret carré noir et rouge.

Le masque de femme est repris en gaufrage et signe ce luxueux coffret.

Flacon Cristal – Lalique Le Parfum :

Lalique - The Perfume - Crystal Bottle
Lalique – Le Parfum – Flacon Cristal

Luxe et sophistication.

Une œuvre fidèle à l’esprit Lalique, associant travail du cristal, contrastes de lumière et mélange des plus belles matières. Un flacon mettant en lumière le “Masque de Femme”, un motif original créé par René Lalique en 1935.

Le Flacon Cristal, véritable prouesse technique de nos maîtres verriers, est un objet d’exception numéroté et signé. Le masque de femme est sculpté dans sa façade. Le motif est également reproduit dans un collier de passementerie noire, véritable bijou en cristal enlaçant le col du bouchon. Raffinement suprême, son bouchon permet de retrouver la gestuelle d’un parfumage délicat. Le flacon est représenté tel un bijou : habillé dans une boîte carrée en laque noire et rouge, sophistiquée comme un écrin.

Bougie – Lalique Le Parfum :

Lalique - The Perfume - Candle
Lalique – Le Parfum – Bougie

Lalique Parfums entre dans la maison avec une nouvelle collection de bougies parfumées présentées dans des écrins raffinés.

Sillages olfactifs et couleurs emblématiques font respectivement écho à cinq lignes féminines et une ligne masculine.
Lalique Le Perfume, un grand classique intemporel dévoile des notes Orientales Modernes.

Crème Corps – Lalique Le Parfum :

Lalique - Le Parfum - Body Cream
Lalique – Le Parfum – Crème Corps

Fidèle à la signature des parfums Lalique, cette nouvelle crème riche et parfumée pour le corps sublime la peau et prolonge le sillage de la fragrance tout au long de la journée.

Ce soin, savoureux et généreux, enrichi en glycérine végétale, noyaux d’abricot et vitamine e fond sur la peau sans laisser de film gras et procure une sensation de confort intense.

Pour des moments de plaisirs raffinés, cette crème d’exception dans son écrin luxueux est à découvrir pour les lignes Encre noire pour Elle, Amethyst, Perles de Lalique, Lalique le Parfum et Lalique de Lalique.

Parfum Femme

Famille Olfactive : Oriental – Floral

Notes de Tête : Bergamote, Laurier, Baies Roses.

Notes de Coeur : Jasmin, Héliotrope.

Notes de Fond : Vanille, Patchouli, Fève Tonka, Santal.

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