Jean Paul Gaultier’s new Popeye Male

Jean Paul Gaultier’s new Popeye Male

Jean Paul Gaultier's new Popeye Male
Jean Paul Gaultier‘s new Popeye Male

Jean-Paul Gaultier is a particularly daring and creative brand. Also, each of his new creations is particularly awaited by unconditional fans of the house. However, the brand was recently taken over by the PUIG group. He then asserted his desire to refocus on the essentials. In addition, the masculine fragrance Le Mâle is undeniably one of the house’s bestsellers. It is therefore logical that it will very soon be honored. Indeed, a new limited edition of this cult perfume should see the light of day within a few weeks. This one will be called the Male Popeye. An Essence of Le Male perfume will also soon appear.

The very “comic book” spirit of Male Popeye

No need to draw you a drawing, the limited edition of the Male will revolve around the iconic cartoon sailor Popeye, created by Elzie Crister Segar in 1929. For the occasion, he will be embodied by the new muse of Jean- Paul Gaultier, Chris Bunn. Additionally, this is a model from Dallas who is exactly the same age as this iconic scent. He already appears in a campaign signed by Miles Albridge. The handsome American is already in the theme as we see him wearing white pants and wearing a sailor’s hat, casually holding his cult striped t-shirt on the shoulder. So it shouldn’t be too complicated to transform him into a sort of modern-day Popeye when this new juice is released soon. The bottle itself will retain its iconic male torso shape. Likewise, it will always have that same intense green-blue color as well as its frosted stripes. Nevertheless, Popeye will now appear on his glass. Of course, he will proudly wear the legendary Jean-Paul Gaultier sailor top. Everything will then be contained in the daring tin can which has always served as its container.

The intense freshness of the latest Jean-Paul Gaultier

Being a summer fragrance, the Male Popeye will be particularly fresh and bursting. This one was imagined by the talented Nathalie Gracia-Cetto and is a symbol of male power. It will start with a particularly zesty and energizing association of neroli, mint and aldehydes. These three raw materials will flavor the whole with a biting and orange liveliness. Then, the Male Popeye will evolve towards a more woody and masculine heart. It will also be bursting with sage, an ingredient with amber, camphor, musky and floral scents. Ambroxan will also be there, releasing a more animal and velvety side imbued with an incomparable sensuality. Finally, it all ends with a warmer scent combining vanilla, tonka bean and sandalwood. Undeniably, this new juice from the house of Jean-Paul Gaultier has it all. It displays a tenacious but not overwhelming scent. Likewise, it releases a deep masculinity and remains faithful to all the creativity that we know from Jean-Paul Gaultier.

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