J’adore de Dior: perfume

J’adore de Dior: perfume
J'adore de Dior: perfume
J’adore de Dior: perfume

After the incredible success of its devilish Poison, Dior decided to launch the J’adore perfume . The brand was far from suspecting that this new essence would be so successful. Indeed, J’adore is today considered to be one of the bestsellers in women’s perfumery.

I adore, a woman dressed in gold

Monsieur Dior was a lover of women. Also, he devoted his life to honoring them. But what better way to sublimate them than to cover them with gold? The J’adore perfume then depicts the image of a carnal , desirable and passionate woman. It is imbued with a profound elegance and displays a style faithful to the heritage of the New Look infused by the brand in 1947. J’adore is a concentrate of refinement. He puts chic at the service of seduction. With him, the woman appears stronger than ever. She is dazzling and almost sovereign.

The smell of gold according to Dior

Gold has no smell, they said, and yet, Dior has created a perfume.J’adore is a particularly feminine essence. This takes off on the alliance of bergamot and mandarin. Then, its scent blossoms through a particularly feminine bouquet. This one is full of roses and sambac jasmine. Likewise, violet incorporates its powdery scent while orchid and ylang-ylang release their opulence. Its substance, meanwhile, is pure pleasure. In addition, it contains a good dose of amaranth wood accompanied by musk and fruits such as blackberry and plum. If the smell of J’adore is absolutely remarkable, its bottle is now known to all. In addition, it is a sort of clean amphora covered with gold. This one displays a hollow waist and accentuated hips. In this sense, it is a symbol of absolute femininity, like the perfume it contains.

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