Invictus and Olympéa Legend fragrance ad

Invictus and Olympéa Legend fragrance ad
Invictus and Olympéa Legend fragrance ad
Invictus and Olympéa Legend fragrance ad

Paco Rabanne’s Olympéa Legend and Invictus Legend have a new advertisement, worthy of a blockbuster!

Because we never tire of rediscovering the last two fragrances of Paco Rabanne, the brand recently presented, in February 2019, new derivatives of their scents, respectively named Olympéa Legend and Invictus Legend . This launch was announced in a hotel in the ninth arrondissement of Paris, in the presence of the two perfumers behind their development: Domitille Bertier and Loc Dong. Barely a month after this first presentation, Paco Rabanne is already giving us new publicity, rich in colossal resources. What if we set off together to discover this new peplum?

Luma Grothe and Nick Youngquest, still muses of Paco Rabanne

On the muse side, for this new advertisement, no major changes can be reported: Paco Rabanne once again called on Luma Grothe and Nick Youngquest, both key figures of these two fragrances since their first launch. While Nick Youngquest symbolizes athletic strength and body power, Luma Grothe focuses more on intelligence and alertness.

Both form a perfectly complementary couple, as this advertisement highlights very well in its last part, when they ride together the big engine of Nick Youngquest, or when they walk side by side in the desert, brandishing a trophy. . If both recognize themselves fully in this perfume, the hero of Invictus Legend is full of explanations on this subject: “to be a champion means for me to win, that of course makes sense in the world of sports, but it’s worth it. also for any other challenge in life. As a professional athlete [former rugby player], I know the feeling of victory well. […] I would say that it is at the same time moving at the time, profound too, since surpassing oneself has a very mental, almost intellectual, and finally sensual aspect,

When Paco Rabanne offers himself an advertisement à la Mad Max

While the new advertisement for Invictus Legend and Olympéa Legend is once again based on Kanye West’s “Power” title, already used in the brand‘s previous advertising campaigns, the decor is very different. The scene takes place in the Namibian desert and takes on the appearance of a knightly race. Nick Youngquest is on a huge racing car, while the Luma Grothe rides a horse at high speed.

Many enemies are in pursuit and the scene takes on the allure of science fiction. Invictus Legend manages to dissolve its enemies with a simple snap of the fingers, while Olympéa Legend sends them waltzing with a breath from the tips of their lips. The two young heroes emerge once again victorious in this fight. Their complicity is palpable and the publicity ends with the vision of the two bottles of Olympéa Legend and Invictus Legend, resembling those of their predecessors, although they have a slightly more amber hue.

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