IKKS Young Man, the scent of young men

IKKS Young Man, the scent of young men
IKKS Young Man, the scent of young men
IKKS Young Man, the scent of young men

Young Man, the IKKS perfume for the youngest

The IKKS house is quite recent in the history of perfume money. Indeed, it was created in 1987, initially offering a line of junior clothing that is both creative and trendy. Then, little by little, IKKS developed its activity, and this is how it offered a collection of perfumes. Nevertheless, wishing to maintain a certain creative continuity, IKKS is not aimed at a classic audience. IKKS perfumes are intended for children and adolescents. Young Man is to this day one of the most famous juices of the IKKS brand . Unconventional, it is a composition that is both fresh and delicious, perfect for initiating the youngest into the world of scents.

IKKS children’s perfume shop

Children’s perfumery is a contemporary sector of activity which is constantly developing. Indeed, the demand is more and more important, and parents always want more. It must be said that children’s perfumery is an excellent way to introduce the youngest to the world of scents. After all, why shouldn’t he be entitled to their own scent? It is therefore precisely to respond to this trend that the IKKS range, and more particularly Young Man , was born. This perfume makes it possible to imitate parents while having its own scent. It is intended for all children who love freedom.

Young Man, a modern and urban fragrance

Young Man is a fragrance that perfectly fits the universe of childhood which seems filled with spontaneity. Forget the glamor of feminine scents and the virility of masculine juices. It is aimed at a much larger audience, and is characterized by a clever mix of modernity, desire for freedom, and city spirit. Moreover, its bottle says a lot about its universality. It takes the characteristic shape of all IKKS perfumes. Nonetheless, Young Man indulges in a blue color that speaks to absolutely everyone on the planet. Young Man displays a tender and modern style. Its collar is decorated with a label, a nod to the world of couture of the IKKS brand.

The freshness of IKKS Young Man

Young Man is a perfume that gives us the portrait of a child eager to stand on his own feet. It seems to have been written for all young people dreaming of adventure and escape. Thus, it immediately releases a very invigorating breath. All in lightness and freshness, it first draws its dynamism from a fruity blend of grapes and blackcurrant. As for basil, it reinforces its masculinity in an aromatic breath. Moreover, this effect is further accentuated in its heart by the presence of lavender, the star flower of men’s perfumery. A more airy, powdery scent of jasmine can be read in this composition. Liquorice then enters the scene and increases Young Man’s gluttony. Finally, it all rests on a darker and smoother base of cedar and white musk.

Young adventurer in love with freedom and wide open spaces, we always feel he is ready to escape through his dreams of adventure. Its IKKS fragrance is invigorating.

It seduces with the freshness of grapes, blackcurrant, basil, and asserts itself in a spicy heart of coriander, licorice and lavender, supported by a base of cedar wood, sandalwood and white musk.

Subtly masculine, it reveals an assertive personality.

Little Boy Perfume

Notes: Grape, Lavender, Coriander, Basil, Blackcurrant, Jasmine, Liquorice, White Musk, Jasmine, Cedarwood.

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