Fuel For Life Perfume: Are you alive?

Fuel For Life Perfume: Are you alive?
Fuel For Life: Are you alive?
Fuel For Life: Are you alive?

Famous for decades for these jeans, the Diesel brand launched its first two fragrances in 2007 with audacity and panache. Fuel For life for Him and Fuel for Life for Her will not go unnoticed! Striking communication and original scented compositions, the two Diesel fragrances are not a leaded gasoline, on the contrary! Journey to the heart of a Fuel for Life which is decidedly nothing ordinary

Fuel for Life breaks the codes of perfumery to create an event

A true institution of jeans and sportswear, the Diesel house likes to stand out and especially to be noticed by a funny communication, sometimes rowdy, but always offbeat. When she proposed Fuel for Life for him and herself in 2007, all the elements were combined to make these “aphrodisiac” fragrances the best-selling scents of the year.

Fuel for Life pour Lui is of course first of all distinguished by its name, an unusual choice for a perfume store that more often evokes the beautiful or the good, rarely the essence! Fuel For Life pour Lui, like the female version, will also not seek to be featured by renowned ambassadors . On the contrary, visuals and spots are shot in a baroque universe with almost strangers.

The agency responsible for the Fuel For Life campaign says that it was a question of “twisting the codes, by abandoning the principle of the muse in favor of a tribe of individuals and by favoring a timeless atmosphere, where everyone wants to be terribly sharp ”.

So what will the beautiful Fuel For Life do to get noticed?

First of all, Fuel For Life will benefit from masterfully orchestrated communication by creating absolutely grandiose teasing around the release. Leaflets and teasing videos, Fuel For Life creates expectation by making us languish for sulphurous scenes playing on our desires for transgression and rebellion, chanted with “Are you alive? »Heady. Fuel for Life pour Homme plays so well with the limits of political correctness that the reaction of some will even be to want to ban advertisements. A boon for the communication campaign!

In the end Fuel for Life for men and their feminine alter-ego will come out stamped with a provocative “Finally Legalized”.

Fuel For Life, a fern-fruity essence that can be consumed without moderation!

Like its name and its advertising, Fuel For Life pour Homme plays with modernity and the sulphurous image of its essence to offer something new. The bottle of Fuel for Life for Men will therefore be dressed in a brown burlap reminding us of the historical American origins of jeans and will take the form of a flask of whiskey as virile as you want. Between modernity and retro charms of the gold diggers of the Far West, Fuel For Life for Him dares everything!

Fuel For Life pour Lui was composed by two great perfumers: Annick Menardo and Jacques Cavallier. It opens with intense and fresh aromatic notes of mint, star anise and lavender. Then in the heart, it is the fruity notes of apple, raspberry and melon which bring their greedy freshness to this beautiful male elixir. Finally, coumarin, both fresh and animal, mixes with sandalwood and vanilla to provide a deep wake to this sparkling essence of life.
Beware of this beautiful Fuel For Life for him because it presents “uncontrollable side effects”!

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