does landlord need to return security deposit from broken lease in fl?

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      here are the details of our broken lease, we signed a 1 year residential lease in florida and had to terminate the lease in october of the same year leaving 7 months on the lease. they have re-rented this property as of november 7th (3 weeks after we left). they have sent us notice that they were keeping our security deposit of $ 2300 to use for unpaid rent. although they have re rented the property in 3 weeks. from what i have read in tenant laws is they can only collect unpaid rent if property is vacant which it is not we have confirmed this through the property management’s office. so the way i read the law and the offices letter is we are entitled to this money and not them since they have re-rented the property. we were paid till the end of october 2008 and they re-rented the first week fo november and the tenant has moved in in already has we have found their phone number and spoke to them. so now the landlord seems to be taking advantages of us because we have moved from fl back to pa. all help you can provide on this matter will be helpful please serious posters only who know about the laws.

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