Fahrenheit the perfume, the ultimate Dior essence

Fahrenheit Parfum, the intensity of a Dior fragrance
Fahrenheit the perfume, the ultimate Dior essence
Fahrenheit the perfume, the ultimate Dior essence

Fahrenheit by Dior intensifies in an Eau de Parfum version

Created in 1988 by Jean-Louis Sieuzac, Fahrenheit is considered one of Dior’s greatest men’s fragrances . Far from the relaxation of the hippie trend of the 70s, it belongs to a whole generation of fragrance with a strong trail, typical of the 80s.

Its signature is instantly recognizable and its incandescent-colored bottle has been thrilling men for almost 30 years now. So, as if to keep the myth going for a few more years, Dior has decided to reinterpret its famous scent once again. Fahrenheit becomes Fahrenheit Parfum.

Fahrenheit Perfume, the art of combining paradoxes

Fahrenheit Parfum draws all its strength from multiple opposites. Far from standards and olfactory references, it asserts its own character without any detour. Fahrenheit Parfum is the fragrance of a man endowed with incandescent and communicative energy. It is a juice synonymous with sensuality, which imposes itself by its powerful sounds and its provocative speech. With him, everything is a question of harmony of opposites. Hot and cold.

Light and dark. The past and the future. The material and the spiritual. Fahrenheit Parfum is a fragrance that meets extremes to unite them and capsize our hearts. As you will have understood, this is an essence which does not go unnoticed and which is not cold in the eyes.

Fahrenheit Perfume, a juice synonymous with strength

Fahrenheit Parfum is an elegant blend of strength and refinement. All in balance, it displays a vibrant scent of sensuality but not devoid of elegance. It all begins with an invigorating freshness from the Sicilian mandarin. This citrus gives Fahrenheit Parfum all its vitality. Then, her heart is set ablaze with a sensual and aromatic breath of violets and leather. This powdery scent plant has never appeared so animal to us. Seduction is omnipresent and Fahrenheit Parfum finally ends with an irresistible scent of Bourbon vanilla absolute.

It should also be noted that Dior selects the best raw materials on the planet to make these perfumes. Thus, the refinement of its ingredients gives it a completely irresistible new attraction.

The fused bottle of Fahrenheit Le Parfum

In addition, in addition to its scent, Fahrenheit Parfum will also seduce you with its bottle. Its bottle designed by Dior reaffirms a return to the primordial sources of the Fahrenheit collection. Much more than a simple bottle, this is a real totem. Fahrenheit Parfum immediately conveys a feeling of vitality, strength and power.

Here again, balance is omnipresent. Fahrenheit Parfum displays a modern and authentic design, lacquered in a molten red color. It lights up with new energy and its visual is like a real sunrise. Fahrenheit Parfum captivates us almost as much as a molten earth that would melt before our eyes.

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