Éclat de Nuit, the latest Lanvin fragrance

Eclat de Nuit: The latest Eclat fragrance from Lanvin
Éclat de Nuit, the latest Lanvin fragrance
Éclat de Nuit, the latest Lanvin fragrance

Éclat de Nuit, Lanvin’s new floral and fruity treat

This year there is no shortage of novelties for women . We present here the latest feminine fragrance from the Lanvin brand.

Lanvin is part of one of the largest brands in France. Spreading the image of French elegance all over the planet, it conveys our exceptional know-how to the four corners of the globe. It’s a bit like Lanvin was the standard bearer of our country and that this brand revealed all its brilliance around the world. Moreover, shine has been at the center of his creations for several years now. It all started with Éclat d’Arpège, a fragrance in tribute to music, which has become a legend today. In 2015, he metamorphosed into Eclat de Fleurs. Even today, he gives us a new vision of femininity. Focus on Lanvin’s latest creation: Éclat de Nuit.

The new gourmet breath of Éclat de Nuit

Let’s get right to the heart of the matter and see what awaits us in terms of composition with this new fragrance… Eclat de Nuit immediately takes off on a fruity alliance that does not lack liveliness. Lemon displays all its freshness here. The blackcurrant makes it more tangy and sassy. The red apple increases the juiciness of the whole and lightens this recipe. It paves the way for a much more floral heart. Finally, Eclat de Nuit darkens at its base and thus reveals to us all the mysteries of femininity, once night falls. The whole of this composition was made by the perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin.

The Lanvin bottle, a true masterpiece

In addition to this very appetizing and irresistible scent, the Éclat de Nuit fragrance will also seduce you with its sumptuous bottle. In fact, it takes the same silhouette as its predecessor, Eclat de Fleurs. It must be said that this bottle is a true masterpiece. His glass work is exceptional and draws an infinity of petals on his glass. This is a subtle nod to the first name of Jeanne Lanvin’s daughter: Marguerite. The roundness of this bottle is reminiscent of Lanvin’s famous ball bottle. Its light pink color of yesteryear has simply darkened in contact with the night. The set is topped by a resolutely modern silver cap, on which a pink diamond is delicately deposited.

Who is the new Night Light for?

Éclat de Nuit is a fragrance that comes just after Eclat de Fleurs and appears to be a complementary juice to its predecessor. Éclat de Fleurs is a sun-drenched essence that gives us the image of a light and carefree, spontaneous and bucolic femininity. Today, the image is just as elegant and bewitching. However, the sun darkened and night took hold of this scent. From then on, the Lanvin woman becomes more seductive and charismatic. She no longer hesitates to show off her charming assets and reveal to the public the most bewitching facet that lies dormant within her… You have been warned, Éclat de Nuit is a very chic but also very sensual perfume.

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