Eau de Parfum Repetto a reflection of femininity

The feminine Eau de Parfum from the dance house
Repetto Eau de Parfum
Repetto Eau de Parfum

The dancer twirls a deep femininity

By offering its very first Repetto Eau de Toilette fragrance in 2013 , the famous house specializing in dance accessories has opened up the universe of this fourth art to all women. The story of this scent ballet continues with Repetto l’Eau de Parfum which is told in a powerful second act as the dancer leaves, filled with emotions, to conquer her audience. Repetto Eau de Parfum is quite simply an ode to sensual and conquering femininity …

A star dancer to bring us into the light of Repetto Eau de Parfum

How can we imagine that the sublime Repetto house could offer perfumes without making us enter the magical world of dance?

Faithful to its values ​​and to its artistic milieu of choice, Repetto launched its first fragrance in 2013, Repetto Eau de Toilette, by offering us the opportunity to discover in scents and images the universe of the Opéra Garnier and its star dancers. Thus Repetto eau de toilette takes us with the graceful dancer Dorothée Gilbert into the daily life of the ballet.

For Repetto L’Eau de Perfume, the house wanted to open an act II to this beautiful story by proposing to stage with an intense scented composition the dazzling emotions of a dancer on a performance night. Thus the new advertising spot for Repetto Eau de toilette features the beautiful Dorothée Gilbert on a gala evening at this very special moment of pre-show tension. As for the visual of Repetto Eau de Perfume, it features the beautiful muse in full preparation before entering the stage.

Thus Repetto Eau de Parfum continues the beautiful story of its house while offering graceful women a sensual chypre fragrance in order to exhale their assertive femininity.

“The curtain rises on the second act of the Repetto perfume story with Eau de Parfum which reveals a new sensuality for a woman assertive at the peak of her grace and femininity like a Star Dancer…” Repetto for Repetto Eau of Perfume.

Repetto Eau de Parfum: a scent of emotions, such a feminine scent …

If the glass of the bottle of Repetto Eau de Parfum has frosted with a beautiful intensity in order to highlight its power, the round shape remains unchanged. As for the delicate satin-edged collar that keeps a pretty tassel, it is of course the satin cord of ballet shoes. As for the case, it wants to recall the design of the famous house’s shoeboxes.

Repetto Eau de Parfum was created by the talented Olivier Polge who opens this ballet of scents with gourmet and juicy top notes of a frank plum. The cherry blossom brings its powdery sweetness to the fruit. The heart sends to meet the delicate power of rose petals with luminous and intoxicating orange blossom. These beautiful flowers will be swept away in a carnal oriental swirl built around a patchouli-amber note that will be tinged with a gourmet and sweet touch of vanilla.

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