Diesel perfume Only The Brave Tattoo

Diesel perfume Only The Brave Tattoo
Diesel - Only The Brave Tattoo
Diesel – Only The Brave Tattoo

Diesel Only the brave Tattoo, a perfume that lasts for life on the skin …

After offering men an assertive and gourmet masculine fragrance, Only the Brave, in 2009, the Diesel perfume house launched its very first version called Only the Brave Tattoo. While the first juice exhaled striking contrasts between freshness and delicacies, Only the Brave Tattoo will be much more sensual and carnal with its oriental scents. Only the Brave Tattoo wants to exhale powerful scents that will mark the skin just like a beautiful tattoo.

Moreover, Only the Brave Tattoo seems to be one of the most personal perfumed compositions of the director Diesel, Renzo Rosso, a great follower of tattoos and their eternal symbolism. He also affirms it loud and clear: “I put all my personality into it: very strong in the rock & roll spirit, very playful but not arrogant. »Renzo Rosso on Only the Brave Tattoo for PurePeople.

Thus the beautiful Only the Brave Tattoo is the scent of a male rebellion that emerges on the skin like the story of a lifetime. Tattoos like a perfume that are sometimes tender, sometimes dreamy, sometimes poets, sometimes rockers… but which mark the skin as an ultimate commitment. Only the Brave Tattoo will tell these multiple life stories by bringing together contrasting scents with multiple facets, he is the proud and courageous Only The Brave man who dares to mark his convictions through a perfume as through his tattoos.

An oriental with a strong character, Only The Brave Tattoo

Of course Only the Brave Tattoo has retained the magnificent glass punch of its elder Only the Brave. A punch which was also carried out under the personal aegis of the founder Diesel Renzo Rosso who sculpted it through a molding of his hand! If today the fist of the founder remains, on the other hand the glass is dressed for this Tattoo version of a shiny black on which the inscriptions tattoo inscriptions of Mister Cartoon are highlighted. Clearly, the bottle of Only the Brave Tattoo does not seek sobriety but rather to transcribe the free spirit of a tattooed rocker!

Only The Brave Tattoo opens with fresh and tangy notes of Granny Smith apple giving a fruity start of the most original to this cocktail designed for an ultra virile man. At the heart, fresh and aromatic clary sage will meet the spicy and powerful note of black pepper. Finally, the sensual woody trail of Only The Brave Tattoo will be built around notes of patchouli, amber woods and tobacco. However, the overpowering virility of these notes will be counterbalanced by delicacies of cocoa and vanilla reminding us that the Diesel man is tender with a pure heart, even though he is tattooed!

“Only the Brave Tattoo is the new fragrance for those who impose themselves and who dare. Rock, rebellious, self-confident, the Only The Brave Tattoo man chose what he wanted to be and, like a supreme commitment, marked it on his skin. » Diesel for Only The Brave Tattoo .

More than an ephemeral fashion… The tattoo is one of the oldest and richest modes of expression of humanity. It evokes the rebellious spirit, freedom, seduction and identity. Diesel makes its TATTOO (R) EVOLUTION

Only The Brave Tattoo

Diesel - Only The Brave Tattoo
Diesel – Only The Brave Tattoo

Diesel and Tattoo perfumes (tattoo in French) have common values: Courage, assertiveness, rebellion and inner strength.

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Only The Brave Tattoo – Perfume:

Only The Brave Tattoo - Diesel
Only The Brave Tattoo – Diesel

Diesel brings virility to the perfume with the Only The Brave Tattoo fragrance. A woody, amber oriental fragrance, a sign of virility. Only the Brave Tattoo is undefined by a top note of Granny Smith apple. The heart of the fragrance is expressed through notes of bourbon pepper and a tobacco accord. Finally, the base of the fragrance is characterized by an amber wood note.

Only The Brave Tattoo – Bottle:

The Only The Brave Tattoo perfume bottle takes the shape of the original Only The Brave bottle . An opaque black reminiscent of tattoo artist’s ink replaces the blue tint. Mr Cartoon, the iconic tattoo artist of Los Angeles stars, signs the new case and bottle of Only The Brave Tattoo. A rock range like Mr Cartoon.

Some people think it’s just ink …

… mais c’est bien plus, c’est l’histoire de ma vie.

Only The Brave Tattoo sera disponible en Eau de Toilette Vaporisateur 50 ml, 75 ml et 125 ml.

Parfum Homme

Famille Olfactive : Oriental – Boisé – Ambré

Notes de Tête : Pomme Granny Smith.

Notes de Coeur : Poivre Bourbon, Accord Tabac.

Notes de Fond : Bois Ambré.

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