Cool Water Wave, Davidoff’s new aquatic masculinity

Cool Water Wave, Davidoff’s new aquatic masculinity
Cool Water Wave, Davidoff's new aquatic masculinity
Cool Water Wave, Davidoff’s new aquatic masculinity

A mythical success dating back to 1988, the Cool Water perfume can boast of having revolutionized male perfumery. Indeed, this one has completely exchanged the opulence of the perfumes of its time for a new freshness. Very inspired by the clarity of the ocean, this juice once told the story of fiery and intense water. However, as if to celebrate once again the dynamism of men, Davidoff has decided to reinterpret this legendary fragrance to make it the new Cool Water Wave. This one has retained its freshness of yesteryear but now appears more woody and masculine.

The new freshness of Cool Water Wave

To reinterpret this iconic essence, Davidoff called on three talented perfumers. The first of them is none other than Francis Kurkdjian. A demanding and persevering character, he has been evolving in the world of perfume for more than 20 years. We owe him many bestsellers and his creativity seems limitless. He was accompanied here by Antoine Lie, another great name in perfumery who worked for the largest groups in the manufacture of aromas such as Givaudan. Finally, this trio is completed by the perfumer Jean Jacques. Passionate about art in general, he has always been obsessed with the idea of ​​leaving a mark behind him. By reinterpreting this icon of perfumery, he is therefore opening up the path to timelessness more than ever. Together, these creators have chosen to reclaim the cult freshness of Cool Water. Cool Water Wave begins with an aquatic and fresh combination. This is dominated by the bitter presence of grapefruit. Nevertheless, this freshness is contrasted by the more incandescent presence of Sichuan pepper. If the juniper retains this freshness in its heart, it is associated with the more vegetal and woody aspect of the birch leaf. Finally, Cool Water Wave is wrapped in sandalwood. The tenderness of this ingredient is still structured with patchouli.

The visual chosen by Davidoff

As you will have understood, Cool Water Wave plays the masculinity card more than in the past. However, at the same time, this juice retains a very aquatic character. Moreover, this is immediately noticeable on its bottle and on the advertising associated with it. This reveals a bluish background decorated with an immense wave that could leave the greatest surfers dreaming. The bottle of Cool Water Wave, meanwhile, takes the silhouette of its predecessor. Tinted in blue, it embodies the wonderful link that unites man to the ocean. However, the deep, abyssal blue of yore has given way to a lighter shade. The set adopts a slender silhouette. This one wants to be the echo of masculine elegance. Finally, its poster name in very contemporary orange characters. Likewise,

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