Clinique’s Soap Mild Liquid Facial Soap, the secret to preserved skin

Clinique’s Soap Mild Liquid Facial Soap, the secret to preserved skin
Clinique's Soap Mild Liquid Facial Soap, the secret to preserved skin
Clinique‘s Soap Mild Liquid Facial Soap, the secret to preserved skin

Cleanse and preserve your skin with Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild

All beauty professionals agree that it is essential to cleanse your skin twice a day to maintain its health. In fact, in the evening, cleaning removes excess makeup and pollution residues. In the morning, it rids it of dead skin and excess sebum. Yes, but there you have it, you still have to find the right soap that respects the natural balance of your skin. On the contrary, cleaning your skin too much or using too astringent agents can have very harmful effects. It is therefore to preserve your skin barrier that Clinique has designed Liquid Facial Soap Mild, a gentle cleanser very respectful of the skin surface.

When the skin barrier is attacked

More and more dermatologists are sounding the alarm about the use of too aggressive cleaning products. Indeed, all treatments are not created equal and some of them are truly harmful for the skin. In this case, it is essential to remain wary of cleansers containing perfume, dyes, preservatives or sulphates. All these products, used too regularly, tend to alter the hydrolipidic film of the skin. However, this is the only shield that protects our skin from external aggressions such as pollution, stress or temperature variations. If your hydrolipidic film is altered, your skin tends to lose its water reserves and become prone to dehydration. Therefore, it dries up, becomes uncomfortable, and prematurely shows signs of skin aging. What is more, in some more serious cases, an alteration of the surface of the skin can also cause secondary skin infections such as eczema or warts.

The protective effects of Liquid Facial Soap Mild

As you probably do not want to reach these ends, Clinique has designed the Liquid Facial Soap Mild. This liquid product has been specifically designed by dermatologists. Its objective is very simple: to cleanse the skin while respecting it. Thus, the Liquid Facial Soap Mild Soap is essentially designed based on natural ingredients. Its very gentle formula does not attack the protective lipids of your skin. Therefore, cleaning simply removes impurities that are harmful to your epidermis and prevent it from breathing properly. However, the Liquid Facial Soap Mild Soap is not too astringent and respects the protective shield of your body. From then on, the skin is cleansed and its cell renewal only becomes more efficient. Its very practical pump delivers just the right amount of product. Once the skin is perfectly clean,

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