Clarins Multi-Regenerating Night Firming Cream

Clarins Multi-Regenerating Night Firming Cream
Clarins Multi-Regenerating Night Firming Cream
Clarins Multi-Regenerating Night Firming Cream Clarins Multi-Regenerating Night Firming Cream

Find all the dynamism of your skin thanks to the Firming Multi-Regenerating Night Cream from Clarins

Clarins is one of the most famous brands in skin care. It is currently number one in high-end skincare in Europe, and continues to perfect its products a little more. Its only concern is to preserve the lasting youth of your skin, and to make you always more beautiful and more radiant. However, for this, day care is not enough. Indeed, your epidermis also renews itself during the night and that is why it is essential to apply a specific cream before going to bed. Focus on Clarins Multi-Regenerating Night Firming Cream .

When your body is resting, your skin is working

Our skin is constantly evolving, day and night. Indeed, during the day, the skin protects itself from external aggressions. At night, on the other hand, she takes advantage of the calm and your sleep to regenerate. Studies have shown that the multiplication of skin cells is greatest around one in the morning. Night and sleep therefore promotes skin renewal and skin repair. The circulation of blood in our skin vessels is also more important at night. Cell renewal is a natural phenomenon that requires extremely energy, which explains the activation of the microcirculation. In addition, the skin is more permeable at night. In other words, it is better able to absorb certain substances like the care you apply to it. Well aware of this phenomenon, theClarins brand has therefore developed a specific treatment to be used at night.

Multi-Regenerating Night Firming Cream to revitalize your skin

The Multi-Regenerating Night Firming Cream benefits from all of Clarins’ expertise and has an enhanced regenerating action. During your sleep, it revives the cellular dynamics of your skin and only intensifies it. As a result, it makes your face permanently younger. When you wake up, your features seem much more relaxed. Your skin firmness is amplified, and the oval of your face is redrawn. The Multi-Regenerating Night Firming Cream will seduce you with its supple and soft texture, as well as its soothing fragrance. At the same time, know that it also slows down the production of melanin. As a result, it prevents the appearance of age-related pigment spots, and offers a more even complexion. For this, Clarins Multi-Regenerating Night Firming Cream contains Japanese trefoil, a perennial plant used in cosmetics for its lightening properties. Of course, the benefits of the Multi-Regenerating Night Firming Cream have been scientifically proven. After only six weeks of use, it provides 14.2% more skin firmness and its anti-wrinkle effectiveness has been observed by a dermatologist in 66% of women.

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