Chanel takes us on a journey with its Coco Noir fragrance

Chanel takes us on a journey with its Coco Noir fragrance
Chanel takes us on a journey with Coco Noir
Chanel takes us on a journey with Coco Noir

Coco Noir: Travels in the Venetian Nights of Gabrielle Chanel

In the beginning there was Coco, then there was its fruity version the sublime Coco Mademoiselle, and finally its deep night, Coco Noir. Coco Noir is the “great nocturnal baroque” created by Jacques Polge and Christopher Sheldrake in homage to Gabrielle Coco Chanel’s travels in the Byzantine depths of Venice. Deliciously mysterious, the bewitching oriental also knows how to offer us its wells of light …

Between flashes of light and mysteries of shadow, Coco Noir takes shape …

When her great love Boy Capel died in August 1920, the beautiful Coco was in despair. To restore the taste of life to the young widow, a couple of friends suggest that she go to Venice. For Gabrielle Chanel, it’s a revelation. She frequented the most beautiful Byzantine palaces there and had the biggest festivals there, discovering the powerful reds of Veronese and Tintoretto but also the burning gold of Saint Mark’s Basilica and the Pala d’Oro. The night is a party, the day a wonder that Coco Chanel will never cease to adore.

After paying homage to this baroque art that Coco Chanel loved so much with Coco, Jacques Polge will go to the world of the Venetian night to draw inspiration from his Coco Noir . Coco since he is Gabrielle, Black since he is the color of timeless elegance that makes all women shine.

“So I naturally moved towards an interpretation that I define as nocturnal, because I wanted it to be imbued with mystery, intensity, with that velvet sensation that envelops you; but also with a sophistication, a light, capable of revealing the radiance of this black. »Tells Jacques Polge for Coco Noir at L’Express.

Coco Noir will therefore be carried by a visual and a film of the greatest sobriety where only the bottle will be the star. There was no need for another!

Black coconut or Byzantine perfumed art

The beautiful oriental will hide its mysteries in the iconic Chanel bottle tinted for the occasion in absolute black. Only the label that adorns the Coco Noir bottle will bear a golden border in homage to its Byzantine roots.

Coco Noir opens with powerful citrus fruits led by Italian bergamot spiced with pink berries. The generosity and opulence of jasmine, rose and narcissus open wide the heart of this Coco Noir. Atlas cedar and geranium will bring their woody and nocturnal nervousness to these luminous flowers soon to be smoky with incense, as if to better make us plunge into the heat of the night.

Indeed, the depths of patchouli, benzoin, vanilla and tonka bean will definitely plunge us into an oriental torpor, or rather Byzantine, totally addictive …

CHANEL has always invested in black an essential role : bringing women to light. COCO NOIR celebrates this paradoxical bias by giving birth to a deep black idea of ​​a dazzling femininity. »Chanel for Coco Noir.

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