Cerruti perfume 1881 Man

Cerruti perfume 1881 Man
Men's Perfume Fougère Cerruti 1881
Men’s Perfume Fougère Cerruti 1881

Cerruti 1881 Man: The charms of Italy and France

The venerable Cerruti house has always wanted to dress the elegant and distinguished man with its suits, chic but relaxed but above all refined with a touch of manly Italian impertinence. In order to pay tribute to the prestigious past of the label, Nino Cerruti and Martin Gras imagined a fresh and spicy Mediterranean fragrance that would be in total harmony with the inimitable Cerruti style. Thus was born the beautiful Cerruti 1881 pour Homme

1881 Cerruti Homme or French elegance mixed with Italian beauty

The venerable Cerruti house was born precisely in 1881 near Milan. It is thanks to Nino Cerruti that the family business will become a reference in luxury ready-to-wear from the 1930s. Building on its success, the Cerruti house will launch in perfumery in 1978 with Nino Cerruti pour Homme. . In 1990, the second men’s fragrance 1881 Cerruti pour Homme would very quickly become one of the house’s cult perfumes thanks to its unique woody and aromatic scents.

Nino Cerruti said that he wanted to recreate with 1881 Cerruti pour Homme “the raw freshness of the water that gushes out of the rock. “. He will do even better than that! 1881 pour Homme will become legendary thanks to its daring blend of modern spices and floral-fruity touches and retro fern facets highlighting the beauty of classic elegance.

In addition to these timeless accords, 1881 Cerruti pour Homme creates the absolute balance between French-style fern elegance and Italian citrus. A rapprochement between France and Italy so dear to Nino Cerruti that it will become the object of most of the communication campaigns for 1881 Homme. Between the beautiful original bottle and its wonderful variations, Cerruti 1881 will be embodied by elegant dandies, both charming and sober just as sophisticated, like Marc Lavoine or even Thomas Dutronc for Cerruti 1881 Edition Blanche.

Cerruti - 1881 Male
Cerruti – 1881 Male

“The Man: A man with virile charm whose style combines French elegance and Italian refinement. »Cerruti for 1881 Male.

Freshness and sensuality of cult 1881 Cerruti pour Homme

The beautiful 1881 Homme bottle is square and virile as if to be better caught in the heart of the hand of the man it will dress. The relief of the glass alludes to Nino Cerruti’s powerful desire to have created a fragrance born from a waterfall. Serge Mansau, so famous creator of this bottle, affixed an “1881” to it as if scratched on the rock as if to better restore its raw and virile nature.

Cerruti 1881 Homme opens with a shattering opening orchestrated around Italian citrus fruits (bergamots and lemons) and powerful aromatics just as Mediterranean such as basil or lavender. The fruity note of blackcurrant bud, completely new at the time, will give this energizing cocktail its sweetness. At the heart, the sensual beauties of ylang-ylang and patchouli come once again to meet the spices of guinevere and black pepper, giving this beautiful 1881 exceptional hot and cold. Finally, pine absolute, sandalwood and oakmoss carry the 1881 man in a powerful wake in the heart of a precious forest.

“From Italy, this pillar of perfumery has captured everything. Radiance, freshness, sensuality, refinement. »Cerruti for 1881 Male.

Classic – Timeless – Masculine.

The CERRUTI 1881 fragrance for men is aimed at men who consider perfume as a privileged means of expression.

The CERRUTI man is self-confident, thoughtful and modern. A reference to the year of creation of the Cerruti fashion house, Cerruti 1881 is a perfect combination of ancestral know-how and contemporary energy.

Green, Woody and Spicy, the fragrance combines the sunny vigor of the Mediterranean with sensual and woody nuances of moss.

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Cerruti - 1881 Male - Pub
Cerruti – 1881 Male – Pub

Men’s Perfume


Olfactory family: Woody – Aromatic

Head Notes: Bergamot, Blackcurrant Bud.

Heart Notes: Lavender, Vetiver.

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Oak Moss, Patchouli.

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