Cabaret, the new Classic fragrance by Gaultier

Cabaret, the new Classic fragrance by Gaultier
Cabaret, the new Classic fragrance by Gaultier
Cabaret, the new Classic fragrance by Gaultier

When Jean-Paul Gaultier’s famous Classic surfs the cabaret trend

France is the country of all the extravagances, starting with the world of entertainment. Pigalle, the Folies Bergères, the Moulin-Rouge, Michou,… Nothing is too beautiful to make the eyes of passing tourists like those of Parisians shine. Moreover, cabarets are currently restoring their image and experiencing a new burst of dynamism. Clearly surfing on this trend, Jean-Paul Gaultier is currently talking about him for the staging of his life in an extraordinary show. At the same time, as if to echo its news, it also offers us the pleasure of rediscovering its Classic fragrance in a new Cabaret edition.

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s “Fashion Freak Show”

Let’s start by evoking the exceptional universe of the “Fashion Freak Show”, a new show given by Jean-Paul Gaultier, in the very heart of the Folies Bergères. The famous French couturier has chosen to tell his own life story in a musical comedy full of glitter and cheerfulness. Between burlesque cabaret and 80s pub culture, the show is entirely made in the image of its creator. Always glamorous but above all crazy, it is not made to leave you indifferent! 200 costumes, 17 renowned artists, models, dancers, actors,… Jean-Paul Gaultier has put the small dishes in the big ones to dazzle us!

A bottle that connects with the world of Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s new fragrance , Classique Cabaret , is perfectly in line with the universe of his show. All in sequins, he traded in his old-fashioned nude corset for a dazzling red dress. The message could not be clearer: Classique Cabaret is for all women who are not afraid of anything! It is an explosion of glamor and sensuality. This invitation to the show is enclosed in a red and gold metallic box, like straight out of a colorful show! With Classique Cabaret, it’s time to party!

The luminous sensuality of Classique Cabaret

Classique Cabaret’s golden spray cap instinctively invites us to discover its scent. This new fragrance is at the same time luminous, powerful, romantic and aphrodisiac. He immediately announces the color by daring one of the most erotic ingredients there is, from its top notes. Classique Cabaret contains ginger, releasing here a fresh and peppery dynamism. Then his breath softens on contact with the orange blossom. Emblem of the Mediterranean, it deposits on Classique Cabaret its luminous and warm scent. Finally, ambergris and vanilla sublimate the base of this fragrance. The result is an infinitely warm and carnal composition, as seductive as the body of the goddesses of Parisian cabarets!

So, what are you waiting for to offer yourself this part of the dream and put on, you too, this fragrant costume of sequins, straight out of the Folies Bergères?

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