Burberry – My Burberry

Burberry – My Burberry
Burberry - My Burberry
Burberry – My Burberry

My Burberry, my Trench Coat

A true institution of Great Britain, the famous Burberry house had to pay a perfumed tribute to its most famous creation of 1914, the trench coat. Because if originally the trench coat or trench coat was created for the fighters of the 1st world war, he came to the icon of the Burberry brand, making it go from making clothes for the army to real fashion house.

Today Burberry lovers would not have seen a single rain without their trench coat, with its gabardine, its horn buttons and its famous “nova check” tartan fabric. “MY Burberry” they say with passion.

It therefore seemed logical that the Burberry house would pay tribute to its trench coat by offering it a floral and green fragrance, “so British” in short. Moreover, even the bottle will bear the effigy of this fabulous trench coat! Horn cabochon resembling the buttons of The Sandringham, a small bow of gabardine and beige juice thus form a My Burberry as precious as the famous rain coat.

“The design of the bottle takes the emblematic elements of our trench coat with a horn-style hood, like the original buttons; the hand-tied English gabardine ribbon is a tribute to Thomas Burberry, inventor of the famous fabric over a century ago. »Burberry for My Burberry.

My Burberry or English charm around the world

By paying tribute to its favorite trench coat, the Burberry house also signs a communication campaign with My Burberry in which it pays tribute to its British roots.

Indeed the names of previous Burberry perfumes such as Burberry London or Burberry Brit, already sang to us the praises of the motherland of this dear trench coat. For My Burberry, the house goes even further by offering not only two muses but also certainly the two most beautiful ambassadors of Great Britain around the world: Cara Delavigne and Kate Moss.

The two pretty English girls, who meet for the first time on the My Burberry occasion, will play with grace and laughing charm on the famous English rain to better offer us a sparkling and so vegetal My Burberry. Under the eye of the great Mario Testino, the ambassadors are sparkling and give My Burberry an image that is both modern and chic while dancing in a rain punctuated by the powerful and so soulful voices of Joss Stone and Jeff Beck.

Moreover, for My Burberry, the Burberry house will not hesitate to embark on a new innovative digital campaign where the user will be able to display his own bottle of My Burberry on the most famous walls of New York or London. Proof that “the past inspires the future” as Burberry manager Christopher Bailey says, or even that a large, timeless house also knows how to keep up with the times!

Burberry is a world famous British luxury brand, founded on a unique history and positioning …

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Today, Burberry reinforces the influence of its traditional heritage to make the brand a sure value: perpetual innovation in all its creations, a subtle balance between classicism and modernity, and finally the essential alliance of quality with a style of the most warned.

My Burberry Perfume

The new My Burberry perfume will be available on the market from September 2014. The new fragrance and is inspired by the famous Burberry brand trench coat. It is advertised as a very floral scent.

Besides the challenge of conveying the style of the Burberry trench cult, Burberry’s wish

Burberry - My Burberry Cara Delevingne & Kate Moss
Burberry – My Burberry Cara Delevingne & Kate Moss

was to show skills in creation, tradition and creativity. Simona Cattaneo, Vice President of Burberry Beauty Sector told wwd the following :. “The Burberry Trench is something very personal. You can wear it in different ways, in different places and occasions ”. Adding that the new fragrance is composed of a floral bouquet with a modern touch of pepper.

The composition of the new My Burberry fragrance opens with citrus notes of bergamot leading to geranium and flowers concentrated in the heart notes. The base consists of patchouli, Damascus rose and Centifolia rose.

The famous models Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne will be the muses of the new My Burberry. Cara Delevingne is best known for her role in the advertising The Legend of Shalimar.

Woman Perfume

Olfactory Family: Floral

Head note: Bergamot.

Heart note: Freesia, Geranium.

Base note: Patchouli, Damask Rose, Rose Centifolia.

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