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How can I get out of my interest only mortgage?

I bought my home in 2004 at an interest only contract. How do I get out this? So far, over $ 55,000 of mortgage payments have been paid since 2004 and I still ...

Why big money to big banks, rather than small help to homeowners so bank’s assets are no longer “toxic”?

Pardon my obvious stupidity, because the most brilliant minds so far (especially in the last administration and current congress) obviously saw no merit in ...

Own rental properties. Needing to generate cash to purge old credit debt. Good time to refinance?

I own my personal home, plus two rentals. Here in Colorado, thanks to the energy boom, rent is through the roof. Even with mortgages on both rentals, I still ...

Mortgage Rates costs etc?

We put an offer on a home with 1K earnest money, we had a good faith by the preferred lender with a rate of 6.5 on zero down fisco 769. We were told there ...

What happens if my property sale does not cover my mortgage and secured loan?

I am about to sell my house but the amount will not cover the mortgage and the secured loan. What will happen?

I am wanting to make up a solid system for processing loans. Any suggestions or worksheets I can use?

I am new to the loan processing business. I live in Texas... I am mainly working with conventional loans... but want to expand to FHA and VA loans soon. I am ...

Would somebody tell me what amount of annual principal payments I need to make to pay off my home in 10 yrs?

Here is the details: 1st Mortgage Rate 6.375 Mthly note: $ 1199.00 (escrow taxes) Balance $ 132,000.00 In year 10 of a 30 yr fixed 2nd Mortgage Rate: 8% ...

Loan Modification Negotiation?

How do I negotiate with the bank for a better program than what they pre-qualify me for?

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