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Loan Modification Services?

If you are in foreclosure and risk losing your home to the bank but want to keep your home, Would you use one of those loan modification services to help you?

Reasonable fee when applying for a mortgage?

My husband and I just got preapproved for a mortgage with Countrywide. We were told that the application fee is $ 450 when we actually do apply for the loan. ...

Need help on purchasing homes through foreclosure?

I'm interested in purchasing homes through foreclosure. I know nothing about the process. I visited my local courthouse today and looked at homes on the ...

i have a question for my finance class?

Consider a standard mortgage (360 months) with monthly payments and a nominal rate (monthly compounding) of 6.10%. What portion of the payments during the ...

mortgage assumption qualification?

What is the qualification process for a mortgage assumption? I am divorced and need to get my ex-wife's name off the mortgage. What is the required credit ...

Is a reverse mortgage a bad loan?

And what banks issue them?

Difference between “write down of bad debt” & “provisions for bad debt”?

My understand is that a bank can write off bad debt (the bad debt has already ofccured & if a bank allows "provision for bad debt" ( then this is just a ...

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