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Who gets the mortgage if you sell your small business?

Do I need to get enough to pay off the mortgage or can the new owner inherit the mortgage?

Anyone mad about Obamas plan? Part of mortgage can just be forgotten?

Can you imagine that the idiot that lied about their income and did an interest only loan with option variable ARMS is getting away with it? AND we, as tax ...

Selling and buying a new home? bad credit?

My fiance and I are getting married soon. He had bad credit around a 500 credit score. Mine isn't much better, but I also have my current mortgage. I bought my ...

is the right time for me to apply for mortgage?

Me and my husband came to usa 2 years ago and now we are thinking about applying for mortgage but need to know if we making right decision. I'm self employed ...

Questions about FHA?

i was looking into buying a house in tennessee and moving from south carolina(where i am right now) and i really want to move and i have enough money for the ...

which lenders are currently giving mortgages to foreigners?

I already own a property in Indianapolis and now want to raise capital. I used to have a mortgage some time ago on another house with Watchovia but they no ...

does anyone know if the quicken loan and credit specialists are very reputable?

I am now trying to work with Quicken corp. to obtain a home loan. My credit is a little messed up because of a past relationship so I have been working on ...

wheres best place to get a loan for a house?

if u were to get a loan for a house where would be the first place to look?

Why have the variable interest rates increased so much. Seems like the mortgage companys cause the crisis.?

I feel the mortgage companies are not regulated. Why does the Government look the other way. Danny m

Should I refinance my my 80/20 Mortgage?

Hello and thanks in advance for any possible input I current have a 80/20 Mortgage (80% is the mortgage itself and the other 20% is a loan) Mortgage balance ...

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