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I took out a $110,000.00 15 year mortgage in March 1999.?

We took out a $ 110,000.00 15 year mortgage in March 1999. We attempted to shorten the mortgage payoff in April 2002 by starting a pay biweekly program, in ...

High risk fire home insurance?

We have been having a hard time finding a insurance company to cover our house because its considered in a high fire risk area. Does anyone know which ...

Is now a good time to invest in index mutual funds?

The stock market has been crushed over the past couple of months. Is now a good time to invest in index mutual funds if I am willing to hold them for 10 years? ...

do you or did you have an adjustable rate mortgage ?

how could you sign something that says all over it, your monthly payment will go up without warning to an amount you are unable to pay, why did you sign it,and ...

Will I be able to get a mortgage loan with my credit history?

In about 6 months I will be trying to purchase a new home. About 5 years ago I had a bankrupcy and a foreclosure. Since then I have used 2 credit building ...


Are they still giving out mortgages?? I'm asking because we were competing with another buyer for the same house. They got approved threw countrywide got the ...

Can mortgage lenders check to see if you’ve received welfare/SSI?

I have a cousin who is looking to buy a home and asked me if banks/brokers can check if she has received welfare checks (aka 'SSI') in the past. If they can, ...

what does it mean to be “Pre-qualified” for a home loan?

My fiance has been going through the process of getting a house for the past month. We have been through two fazes out of three for getting qualified for a ...

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