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What US life Insurance companies are best for males over 50?

My husband needs term life insurance. He's 52. What companies do you recommend? How much do you pay in premiums per year?

business insurance for a gym?

can someone please tell me a list of diffrent types of business insurances available with respect to the fitness industry?? would be great if someone who ...

If my husband refinances his home and includes me in the mortgage will it automatically include me on the deed?

or will we need to take steps to include me in the deed too? (it's in his name alone, he wants to refinance to get a lower interest rate and I am putting ...

Lenox Mortgage Co. Georgia, critical views please?

Hi, I have to re-fi my mortgage to set aside money to pay for 20% of a surgery, and to PAY the mortgage while I am out of work for 12 weeks. I have always ...

Can I, as a non-licensed mortgage residential loan broker, be independant and work from my home in Va.?

I would like to represent home sellers and seekers from my home. Can I? How?

Cannot afford paying mortgage!?

I owe about $ 23K on the mortgage and been paying on time for years until now. Is there a loan modification or some type of forbearance for 6 to 12 months ...

New Obama Stimulus Package/Mortgage Questions….?

I have an empty home that has been on the market for 15 months now, dropping in value daily. Being the responsible person that I am, I pay my payments... We ...

How much does your yearly income have to be to get a house loan for $240000.00 ?

I want to buy a house in Massachusetts, worcester county, for around $ 240000.00, how big does my yearly income have to be ???? need answer soon.

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