Aromatics Elixir The cult sensual fragrance from Clinique

Aromatics Elixir, the senses in turmoil
Aromatics Elixir The cult sensual fragrance from Clinique
Aromatics Elixir The cult sensual fragrance from Clinique

The famous cosmetics house Clinique was still very young when two of its founders decided to create a perfume for it, especially since Clinique is renowned for the purity and naturalness of its care. When Aromatics Elixir was released in 1972, the surprise was complete. We expected “clean” and limpid water, Estée Lauder and Bernard Chant had created an elixir of sensual chypre scents at will.

Aromatics Elixir, much more than a perfume, a revelation!

Love it or hate it, Aromatics Elixir leaves no one indifferent and now makes these cult fragrances that have created a breakthrough to take the road to unalterable success!

However, when the plan for a Clinique perfume became known, no one really believed it. At the time, Clinique was much more used to creating innovative and natural skincare products than a fragrance in perfumery. What’s more, Aromatics Elixir was not at all a sanitized scent! On the contrary Bernard Chant, its creator, proposed a composition totally contrary to the usual values ​​of the brand, based on the powerful chypre tastes of the director of the Clinique group, Estée Lauder.

Aromatics Elixir will therefore be a totally innovative fragrance thanks to its astonishing blend of retro scents of chypre rose and a formula tailored to be aromachological. Indeed, the only publicity that Clinique will grant to Aromatics Elixir will be based much more on its medicinal powers than on its captivating composition.

“Aromatics Elixir… plays the role of a perfume but goes beyond it, thanks to ingredients carefully chosen for their historically recognized effect on the body and the spirit”.

Nothing therefore promised this Aromatics Elixir such overwhelming success as the one it obtained after having been sold for years “under the counter” in Clinique stores . However, despite its late discovery in Europe, it is now one of the cult perfumes of the 70s and has never ceased to attract women bewitched by these flowers and these deep animals.

“It has survived the years but has not yet aged a bit. Admittedly, it does not suit all women, because it is powerful and heady, but those who assume it are crazy about it and are not about to drop it to look elsewhere. »Marie-Claire for Aromatics Elixir from Clinique.

Timeless and mysterious, Aromatics Elixir literally captivates us

The Aromatics Elixir bottle is totally designed like the other cosmetic products created by Clinique. Sober and refined, the iced glass has taken the form of an apothecary vial dear to Clinique to highlight only its precious amber juice. For its fortieth anniversary in 2011, Aromatics Elixir was kind enough to dress in a delicate poppy in order to honor the Clinique symbol.

The mysterious composition of this sensuality potion signed Bernard Chant opens with a citrus note accompanied by Roman chamomile and verbena. The aldehydes offer their power to these tones while accompanying them with a metallic note. The heart is set ablaze with a dense floral bouquet built around a splendid Bulgarian rose. The beautiful white flowers of ylang-ylang, tuberose and jasmine come to meet a beautiful powdery iris. Finally patchouli, vetiver and oakmoss bring their mysterious and woody depths to this beautiful floral which is tinged with a captivating sensuality.

“Aromatics Elixir awakens the senses and reveals the mysterious sensuality of each woman. »Clinic for Aromatics Elixir.

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