Acqua Di Scandola the new Empire perfume

The love of the creator of Parfum d'Empire for Corsica
Acqua Di Scandola the new Empire perfume
Acqua Di Scandola the new Empire perfume

Acqua di Scandola by Parfum d’Empire, when Marc-Antoine Corticchiato pays homage to his native land

While most current perfumes meet commercial standards, some brands are far from trends and are based above all on very successful creative research to design new fragrances. Such is the case of the house Parfum d’Empire, each creation of which is orchestrated by the talented perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato. Working in total freedom, this designer gives free rein to his imagination, always offering us a radical and very personal style. Each of its fragrances is “a stance against the puritanism of puny and normative juices”. His latest creation is a tribute to his native land: Corsica. Focus on the Acqua di Scandola perfume .

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, a lover of Corsica

Despite what his name might suggest, perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato was not born in Corsica but in Morocco. However, he knows this Mediterranean place very well where his family is from. Indeed, his parents still own a family home in the Corsican maquis, a place where Marc-Antoine Corticchiato spent all the holidays of his childhood. Moreover, this is not the only time when the designer is inspired by this Mediterranean island to design an olfactory creation.. It is therefore all his love for Corsica, as well as his personal memories, which resurface from this composition. Acqua di Scandola takes us to a preserved peninsula. This perfume is a real postcard from the Scandola peninsula, a nature reserve protected by Unesco and accessible only by sea. For the little anecdote, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato still likes to go there frequently with friends, in particular for indulge in a fishing trip. The Acqua di Scandola perfume from Parfum d’Empire has within it all the wildest facets of Corsica. It is at the same time iodized, aromatic and mineral, while preserving the most unexpected saline breath.

The aquatic and mineral breath of Acqua di Scandola

Acqua di Scandola is not an aquatic fragrance like the others. Indeed, it reinvents the traditional Mediterranean scent, moving away from the usual watermelons or the synthetic molecule of calone, very frequently used in perfumery. Here, Acqua di Scandola exhales a more salty and rocky breath. Its marine and salty accord is the result of an alliance of seaweed and juniper. Immortelle, for its part, gives it a more floral scent and absolute elegance. This emblematic flower of Corsica is further enhanced with liquorice, curry and hay. Raspberry blossom, an ingredient rarely used by perfumers, adds an additional touch of originality to this composition. The whole is extended by a foamy and herbaceous facet as well as a more mineral and animal base. Acqua di Scandola is also covered with a solar glow directly from coconut and jasmine. Acqua di Scandola is presented to us in the usual cylindrical bottle common to all Parfum d’Empire fragrances. As if to echo the turquoise sea surrounding the Corsican maquis, Acqua di Scandola is decorated with a bluish label.

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