A Sunday in the countryside according to Guerlain

A Sunday in the countryside according to Guerlain
A Sunday in the countryside according to Guerlain
A Sunday in the countryside according to Guerlain

Guerlain is developing a new Cologne similar to Un Dimanche à la Campagne

Guerlain is one of the oldest French perfumers . This sign was created rue de Rivoli in Paris, in 1828, by Pierre François Pascal Guerlain. For more than 150 years, this brand remained the property of the Guerlain family. Also, today it is endowed with an exceptional heritage. The latter has gone through the ages without ever forgetting its origins. Moreover, this is precisely what is at issue in Guerlain’s latest olfactory creation. Un Dimanche à la Campagne is an essence similar to an Eau de Cologne, a style of perfume that has forever marked the history of the House of Guerlain.

Eau de Cologne and Guerlain

It was in 1853 that Pierre François Pascal Guerlain made L’Eau de Cologne Impériale for the Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III. The subtlety and finesse of this perfume earned its creator the title of “Her Majesty’s Patented Perfumer”. You will therefore have no difficulty in imagining to what extent this has propelled the notoriety of the Guerlain house. Nevertheless, the Empress kept the exclusivity of this perfume for several years before giving her approval for its marketing. If its fragrance is still famous today, its bottle was at the time a true work of art, symbol of all the know-how of the Guerlain house. In fact, L’Eau de Cologne Impériale was contained in the iconic Flacons aux Abeilles by Guerlain. Guerlain is therefore paying homage to its history by creating the fragrance Un Dimanche à la Campagne. In addition, this one is thought of as a Cologne. However, even if it is no longer presented in the Flacons aux Abeilles, it has not lost any of the mastery of the former brand.

The sweetness of a Sunday in the countryside

Un Dimanche à la Campagne is a particularly relaxing eau de parfum. Like this long-awaited moment of the week, it is like a moment of sweetness, calm and cocooning. Nevertheless, its apparent relaxation does not hide an ultimate refinement. Thus, Un Dimanche à la Campagne is similar to the art of living through the eyes of the Guerlain family. Its fragrance was developed by the talented Thierry Wasser, born exclusively from the brand.

He is the only perfumer to have held this position and not from the family line. He owes his salvation only to his incredible talent. Here he has chosen to opt for a particularly fresh and sparkling start. Un Dimanche à la Campagne begins with a burst of bergamot. This announces the presence of fresh and aromatic herbs throughout this juice. Orange blossom scents, for their part, give the whole more purity and radiance. Finally, this solar luminosity is quickly overtaken by a more musky veil inviting relaxation.

More than a simple perfume, Un Dimanche à la Campagne offers those who wear it to experience a moment of calm and tenderness, like an enchanted parenthesis in everyday life. Everything is only appeasement and relaxation.

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