A new gold lingo at Paco Rabanne for the year 2020, 1 Million Le Parfum

A new gold lingo at Paco Rabanne for the year 2020, 1 Million Le Parfum
A new gold lingo at Paco Rabanne for the year 2020, 1 Million Le Parfum
A new gold lingo at Paco Rabanne for the year 2020, 1 Million Le Parfum

1 Million Perfume, the new warm ingot from Paco Rabanne

For Paco Rabanne , gold is quite simply the mirror of our ego. This easily explains man’s fascination with it. Thus, the couturier has never ceased to be inspired by this material to design all kinds of creations, throughout his career. After having sewn a dress in gold plates, he decided to make a perfume, in 2008, named 1 Million, and presented in a bottle in the shape of an ingot. Today, this fragrance is reinventing itself once again. Its new version is soberly called 1 Million Parfum and combines a clever mix of flowers, leather, salty accord and woody notes.

1 Million Perfume, the return of the flashy bottle of Paco Rabanne

If 1 Million Parfum already promises to surprise us with its scent, it shows no major changes in terms of the bottle. Thus, he clearly signs his belonging to the great Paco Rabanne family. 1 Million Parfum comes, as usual, in a bottle shaped like a gold bar. This thick glass block is fully covered with a metal frame that gives it all its strength and shine. This rectangular design object stands out for its stature and balance. Its typography finely engraved on the metal is this time surrounded by a shining sun. More than ever, 1 Million Parfum promises to dazzle us!

1 Million Perfume, an essence born from a small accident

1 Million Parfum respects the DNA of its predecessors and is particularly greedy. It also contains a floral breath that would make it almost androgynous. Like its elders, it could be worn just as much by a man as by a woman. Nevertheless, it does not lack character or elegance. In reality, this juice is the result of the greatest of luck. Designed by Quentin Bisch, in collaboration with Christophe Raynaud, it owes its existence to a twist of fate: “The original idea for this one comes from an accident, explains its creator: back from vacation, I had two broken bottles in my leather bag… One of them was my sunscreen and the other a sample of cistus. The smell was absolutely divine! I captured it with a simple formula: a contrasting smell of salted monoi-tuberose mixed with resinous leather ”. The result is a fragrance that is alternately floral and soft, then more sensual and leathery, before ending with notes of resin and wood.

Joey Bada $$, new face of Paco Rabanne

On the occasion of the release of 1 Million Perfume, the house of Paco Rabanne also presents its new muse. His scent is now embodied by a hip-hop star: Joey Bada $$. Born in Brooklyn, he is considered one of the greatest prodigies of American rap, while also being an accomplished actor. Joey Bada $$ notably played in the film “Mr. Robot” alongside Rami Malek.

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