1 Million Lucky, the new male perfume Paco Rabanne

10 after 1 Million, 1 Million Lucky makes its appearance
1 Million Lucky, the new men's fragrance
1 Million Lucky, the new men’s fragrance

1 Million Lucky, Paco Rabanne’s new lucky charm

1 Million by Paco Rabanne is a unique fragrance . Its unique scent is matched only by its unique ingot-shaped style. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne is a fragrance synonymous with elegance, humor and sensuality. It embodies the great return of Paco Rabanne to the heart of male seduction and highlights one of the designer’s favorite materials: gold. Since its release in 2008, 1 Million Lucky has come a long way and today it ranks among the best-selling essences on the planet. As if to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the creator has decided to put it back on the front of the stage. Focus on the latest 1 Million Lucky.

1 Million Lucky has a new packaging

First of all, let’s start by highlighting the change in look of the 1 Million perfume. If it retains its ingot shape, it radically changes color. 1 Million Lucky has traded in its old-fashioned golden colourway for a silver-colored metallic coating. Gold nevertheless remains visible on certain points of detail of this bottle. Likewise, its transparent glass rear surface lets us glimpse the golden and sunny color of its juice. 1 Million Lucky comes in a 100ml format. The two colors of its bottle are also present on its cardboard box. Finally, the writing of 1 Million has remained the same as that of its initial typography, alone evoking the universe of a western. For a bit and it looks like 1 Million Lucky has been stolen by a real cowboy!

Paco Rabanne keeps Jordan Barrett as 1 Million muse

On the muse side, 1 Million Lucky is embodied on the screen by Jordan Barrett. Since 2016, this beautiful blond has lent its image to the olfactory collection of Paco Rabanne. It must be said that his revolver eyes leave no one indifferent. Jordan Barrett does have a sulphurous past and appears here as a real modern-day gangster. Spotted at the age of 14, this son of a wealthy Australian is one of the most fashionable tops on the planet. Nicknamed by many as “the young Leonardo diCaprio”, he has the same devastating magnetism about him.

The fresh and fruity composition of 1 Million Lucky

Finally, on the scent side, Paco Rabanne wishes for the moment to preserve the mystery of the recipe for his new composition. It only revealed two major ingredients in its composition, namely ozone and plum. The ozonic accord present in 1 Million Lucky is fully reproduced in the laboratory. It is inspired by this gas naturally present in the atmosphere and here gives off an aerial, aquatic breath and a metallic touch. It only amplifies the natural freshness of 1 Million Lucky. This juice also becomes more fruity than its predecessors on contact with the plum. This sweet little fruit reinforces the gluttony of the whole and makes this fragrance could not be more velvety.

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